Keep your system protected all year long by choose from our affordable solar care options, or bundle services for even more savings.

Maintenance & Repair

Shield Your Solar offers a reliable real-time monitoring service that guarantees uninterrupted efficiency of your solar investment round the clock.

Removal & Reinstallation

For homeowners getting a new roof installed, we offer the service of detaching and reinstalling your solar panels. 

Roof Leak Investigation & Resolution

Shield Protect Pro provides a speedy solution to identifying and repairing solar-related roof leaks.

Panel Cleaning

Regular cleaning not only guarantees maximum efficiency and cost-saving for your solar panels, but also prolongs the lifespan of your system.


Inspection & Check-Up Report

Shield Your Solar system audit will give homeowners peace of mind about their solar panels performance and working condition.

Inverter & Optimizer Replacement

Our technicians use the latest solar inverter software to diagnose issues.
We can help file for replacement components and replace inverters.

The Shield Your Solar Advantage

Real-Time Solar Monitoring
With our real-time solar monitoring, you’ll know the moment your system stops performing as it should. And we can correct the issue so your savings continue.
Panel Removal & Replacement
Do you need to repair or replace your roof? Our experts can safely remove your PV panels before reinstalling them once the roofing job is complete.
Solar PV Meter Replacement
If your solar meter stops working, you cannot track your PV system’s performance. Let us replace your outdated meter so you can monitor your energy production and savings.
Why Do I Need a Solar Membership Plan?
Solar panels are often billed as “set it and forget it” because it has no moving parts, and thus, less wear & tear—but this doesn’t mean solar is maintenance-free or that it doesn’t require upkeep. Over the 20+ years of your panels’ warrantied lifetime, any number of issues can arise.
In fact, almost every solar customer eventually runs into some or all of the following:
Your PV panels stop working correctly, and you don’t know why.
Your solar installer is no longer in business or doesn’t respond.
You suddenly discover your monthly savings start to disappear.
Buying or Selling a Home with Solar?
Just like a roof inspection, a system audit will give new homeowners peace of mind about their solar system.

Repair Suggestions

A list of recommended repairs as well as a quote to fix them.

Detailed Report

All vital data needed for a customer to understand the general condition of the

Production Estimate

Estimated production and a calculation to determine annual electric bill savings.

Visual Inspection

Inspection of the entire solar system, photographing key components.